2019-20 Friday Night Skills Training

In 2019-20 we’re making a slight change to our training format for our U10 (2010) and younger teams.

In addition to their regular team training run by their regular coach, we’ll offer an optional “Friday Night Skills” training led by our Youth Development leaders.

The purpose of this change is to provide flexibility and improve player’s skills while reducing the “commitment” of how many training sessions per week for our players, parents, and coaches are expected to attend.

For the players that can’t get enough Cincy SC training, this still provides a third day of training. For players with a conflict during their normal training time, it provides a make up session without parents feeling guilty or players falling behind their teammates.

Friday Night Skills is targeted at U9 and U10 players that have 2 team training sessions per week, and for U7 & U8 players that would attend Juniors or team training one day per week plus the Skills training. Older players are also welcome to participate and would be expected to help coach and mentor the younger players.

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