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Syncing a shared Google calendar to your Apple device

Unless you’re like my mom, you probably have a smart phone. If you have an iPhone or iPad and have had trouble getting a our shared team calendar to sync, this tip might help. Step 1: Add the Team Calendar to

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Creating a shared parent email account

Our team email groups and GroupMe groups allow for both parents to join. That’s how the majority of our Cincy SC communications go out. However, player-specific tryout reminders and account status messages can only be sent to one email address

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A reminder about GroupMe groups

A reminder: when you send a message to a GroupMe group, you’re spreading the news to 30 or so people. We try to reserve it mainly for urgent messages, with urgent defined as “requiring immediate action or attention.” Good times to send a

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Pro Tips: BPYSL League Self-Scheduling

Self-scheduling is great in general. Teams can avoid tournament weekends and spring breaks, for example. But the process can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few “pro tips” for managing these meetings like a champ (and keeping road trips

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Tourney Paperwork Tips

When submitting documents for tournament check in, you may be asked to provide one combined file for all player forms (or one file of each type, such as medical releases) instead of sending individual files per player. Here’s one way

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Google Calendars for Teams

Cincy SC uses Google Calendars to communicate training, games, and other events. We believe using a team calendar as the “one source of the truth” works best because schedules change and an email from three weeks ago may not be correct anymore. About

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GroupMe: your new favorite/most hated app

Unless you’ve been staying cool this summer by living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about GroupMe by now. It’s a great way to disseminate information quickly via group text messaging, but it can also become very annoying if misused. Because we

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Subscribing to Google Calendar updates

To get immediate alerts about changes to training and games, consider subscribing to the Google Calendar for updates by email or text message. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll first need to add the Google Calendar to your Google Account.

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Adding a team calendar to your Calendar

If you have an online calendar, such as a personal Google calendar or a calendar for work, you might want to add your team’s calendar to your Google calendar. This will allow you to see your multiple calendars side-by-side or

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Google Group Delivery Settings

Members of Google Groups can change their delivery settings so that they get messages less frequently or so that they receive messages to a different email account. If your preferred email address is not included in the group, you can

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