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Creating a shared parent email account

Our team email groups and GroupMe groups allow for both parents to join. That’s how the majority of our Cincy SC communications go out. However, player-specific tryout reminders and account status messages can only be sent to one email address

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2017

We’re committed to providing great customer service to the players and families at Cincy SC. One method we use to help achieve that goal is our annual Cincy SC Customer Satisfaction Survey. We’re not statisticians, but we think it’s fair to conclude

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Club > Team

Dare to be CEPI? I was thinking this week about what makes Cincy SC special. Russell and I joke that we considered making our core values CEPI, but “Dare to be CEPI” didn’t sound quite right. But what’s not a

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Is Training Mandatory?

Parents sometimes ask me, is the ___ training session mandatory? (They probably think it’s a yes or no question.) Let me first share a few less-complex questions: Are players expected to attend all their team’s training sessions? Yes (except for U10

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Cincy SC thanks St. John Fisher Church for 18mo. of parking

Before we ever kicked a ball at our training facility we reached out to our would-be neighbors. We wanted to let them know our vision for the club and our commitment to being a good neighbor. We met with Pat,

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End-of-Year Party

Is this an EPIC coincidence or what? We’re having our club-wide end-of-season celebration at Dave & Buster’s on May 15th from 5-8pm. Every Cincy SC player gets a free unlimited-play power card. (I know, wow!) We’re also going to thank

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DPD – not just for basketball parents

A parent forwarded a link today that we wanted to share. It’s from former NBAer Keith Van Horn and it’s about something he calls “Delusional Parent Disorder.” It does seem that there is something in our genetic makeup that makes

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Syncing a shared Google calendar to your Apple device

Unless you’re like my mom, you probably have a smart phone. If you have an iPhone or iPad and have had trouble getting a our shared team calendar to sync, this tip might help. Before you can sync a shared calendar

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Google Calendars for Teams

Cincy SC uses Google Calendars to communicate training, games, and other events. We believe using a team calendar as the “one source of the truth” works best because schedules change and an email from three weeks ago may not be correct anymore. About

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Around Newtown

Parents, here are a few ideas of how you could spend your time while your child is at training at our Newtown grass training facility. Walking/Running routes: 1 mile neighborhood route 1 mile Moundview Park Rd. route Food & Drink: Just

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