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Is Training Mandatory?

Parents sometimes ask me, is the ___ training session mandatory? (They probably think it’s a yes or no question.) Let me first share a few less-complex¬†questions: Are players expected to attend all their team’s training sessions? Yes. If a player

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Are you a soccer player, or are you just playing soccer?

A friend shared this parenting article with me and I of course drew the parallel to coaching. The gist is that kids respond better to requests like, “please be a helper” than to requests like, “please help me.”¬† For coaching,

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How to be a great soccer parent

I recently had a lunch conversation with a business colleague and former soccer coach. He said his rule was that parents weren’t allowed to say anything to the kids on the field. His logic: “If you’re talking, they can’t hear

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Pregame Speech

A friend of mine, Tony Earp, helps run SuperKick up in Columbus. He has a Masters in Education from OSU, and while playing for the Buckeyes he was 2nd Team All Big Ten twice and was voted captain and Most

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