Cincy SC partnership with CUP Development Academy

CUP DA Partnership with Cincy SC

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Cincinnati United Premier Development Academy (CUP DA), effective immediately. (Joint press release from Cincy SC & CUP DA.)

The DA program is a partnership between US Soccer and top youth clubs around the country, designed to provide education, resources, and support to develop and produce the next generation of world-class National Team players. On February 3rd, US Soccer announced the addition of CUP as a DA member club for boys. For the upcoming 2017/18 season, CUP Boys DA will field 4 teams total in the U12 (2006/2007), U13 (2005) and U14 (2004) age groups.

This doesn’t mean that Cincy SC is merging with CUP or Cincinnati United. (In fact, we believe that mergers are best left to the corporate boardroom, where they actually fail a rate of 70-90%.) We intend to keep our Cincy SC community small relative to other clubs. Player development is a core value for us at Cincy SC and one that we live every day in training and in games. We’re trying to develop players that can compete for spots at the highest levels of soccer in this country, and adding this partnership with the CUP DA creates another pathway for our players to reach their goals.

How it’s designed to work:

  • Cincy SC directors and coaches identify a player that would be a good candidate for the DA based on current development, individual drive, and potential.
  • Cincy SC recommends this player to CUP DA directors.
  • Player may be invited to try out and join the DA.

If you have questions, please enter in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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2 comments on “Cincy SC partnership with CUP Development Academy
  1. Was anyone from Cincy SC picked up for the full time DA?
    How does this partnership benefits Cincy SC if you’re pretty much giving up your top talent and diluting your teams?

  2. Brett says:

    Great question! Sorry that I just noticed it today.

    We sent three players to the tryout and got positive feedback on all three, but they are all playing with Cincy SC in the fall for one reason or another.

    We’re not really doing it to benefit the club. In fact, even if we didn’t have a formal partnership with the DA we’d encourage players that we felt were ready to test themselves against that level of competition. The partnership has some benefit to Cincy SC because it tells our players and parents that we’re truly focused on developing our players and pushing them to be their best, even if it means the team they left may not be as strong. Winning is important, but player development is paramount.

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