Cincinnati United Soccer League (CUSL)


From: James Waldron <>
Date: December 6, 2016 at 10:18:28 AM EST
To: Russell Lewis <>
Subject: Re: Cincy SC invite to CUSL

I am sorry to inform you that the Governing Body did not vote to extent you an interview for consideration for possible membership.


CUSL (renamed to Greater Cincinnati Soccer League in 2016) is an Ohio South Youth Soccer Association league for specific clubs in the greater Cincinnati area. Games are played in places like Anderson, Wilder (KY), Harrison (IN), Middletown, Centerville, and Lebanon.

Clubs that apply must be voted in by existing members. Historically, it has been difficult for new clubs to gain acceptance. It’s basically the old clubs’ way of keeping the status quo and preventing new clubs from forming (which would make it more difficult to form 8 teams per age group).

Additional information about CUSL can be found on the league’s website.