Elite Players League (EPL)

There are several reasons why we believe the EPL is the right league for developing our U7-U9 players.

Player Development Benefits of the EPL:

  • No scores or league standings are kept – the focus is on developing skills vs. winning
  • Teams generally play 7v7 – the odd number of players mimics 11v11 and allows team shape that develops wide & central play. However, coaches can agree before the game to play 6v6 or 8v8.
  • Goalkeepers can not punt ball over halfway line – this encourages teams to play from the back
  • We have the option to play up at U10 in EPL if it makes sense for strongest U9 teams
  • The EPL is not restrictive about guest playing so “teams” can be created weekly from the age group player pool
  • The league and other coaches tend to share our player development mindset

Additional benefits of playing in the EPL include:

  • All games are played at the same field at Ohio Elite’s soccer complex
  • OE’s grass playing surface is of a similar quality to Cincy SC’s facility
  • We can ensure that we won’t have games on our tournament weekends, so there should be no rearranging of games during the season
  • We may have the option to host EPL games as we have a great relationship with Ohio Elite

For more information, check out the EPL website.