Player Registration Forms

Cincy SC players must be registered with either US Club Soccer or US Youth Soccer to compete in games (leagues and tournaments). In addition to providing player passes, these organizations also provide supplemental medical insurance to players in the event of an injury.

Most of our younger players will be registered with US Club Soccer and our older players (U10 and up) will be registered either with US Club Soccer or with US Youth Soccer. This unfortunate complexity is due to league requirements. Please download, print, and complete the appropriate form(s) and then submit a scanned copy or a digital image.

Your PA will enter all players into either the US Club or US Youth soccer website and there may be an additional form to sign at a later date.


New for 2017: Lindsay’s Law

In 2017, the State of Ohio enacted Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Student Athletes. It may become a requirement to have a Lindsay’s Law Signature Form for all players, parents, and coaches (but we’re not really sure yet).

Lindsay’s Law for parents/guardians and youth athletes: