Nov/Dec Supplemental Training

We recommend the following winter training programs to defeat the video game monster and continue your player’s skill development:

Also keep these futsal tournaments on your calendar:

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2 comments on “Nov/Dec Supplemental Training
  1. Claire Frimming says:

    My son is very interested in training to be a better goalie. He is a senior and would like to attend the goalie camp. How do I sign him up?
    Thank you. The page does not come up when I click on the link.

  2. Brett says:

    Hi Claire. I suggest signing up for our Goalkeeper Academy. That will get you on our email list. We’ve got GK training throughout the year and the next sessions are going to be part of PIVO Academy on Saturdays starting in Nov. Sign up for those at

    Can you tell me what page you were trying to access that wasn’t coming up for you?

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