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Cincy SC could be a great way to create better awareness of your brand or company (or those of your friends).

We plan to order really cool new uniforms for fall 2017 that we’ll use for 2-3 years. We never want to turn our players into walking billboards, but we’ve asked around and received very positive feedback on adding some small sponsor logos to the sleeves and possibly on the back (under the numbers) on our jerseys. Our players won’t looking like dribbling billboards though. The Cincy SC brand will be the most prominent and we think adding other logos will make our kit unique and look more like the pros. And it will help defray the considerable cost of ordering new uniforms for all our players.

We expect to have about 450 players and 30+ teams, and a two-or-three-year life span for the jerseys, so let’s just round that to 1 bazillion impressions. Sponsor logo spots include both sleeves and the back under the number. The pricing below is for one jersey color only.

If your brand or business would like to claim a spot, reach out to Brett, Russell, or Valerie R.

Cincy SC Promotion Opportunities

  • Jersey, one sleeve, 2.5″ x 2″ – $2,500/jersey color

  • Back, below numbers, 4″ x 3″- $4,000/jersey color


Cincy SC 2017/18 Uniform Mockup

Cincy SC 2017/18 Uniform Mockup


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