Cincy SC Spirit Wear

Look great and show you club pride with a cool item from our official Cincy SC spirit wear shop!

In order to process orders efficiently and keep costs down, our spirit wear store is only open three strategic times per year. Please place your order online and we promise delivery by the date shown.

First Day to Order Last Day to Order Delivery By
Start of Spring Feb. 22 Feb. 28 (extended to 3/10) Mar. 10 (Mar. 24)
Start of Fall Jul. 25 Aug. 5 Aug. 15
Xmas Nov. 25 Dec. 5 Dec. 15

View Cincy SC’s Spirit Wear Shop

If you have any questions or issues with an order, please emailĀ Grafitti Apparel or call 513-885-5788. This is a sample of some of the items available in our spirit wear shop:

Cincy SC Spirit Wear Shop

View Cincy SC’s Spirit Wear Shop


Uniforms are provided as part of your fee, but additional uniforms can be purchased fromĀ our Cincy SC Uniform Shop.