Supplemental Tryouts

We hear it a lot… “We just found out about Cincy SC. One of our friends raves about the club, but we missed tryouts. Is there still an opportunity to check it out and possibly join?”

The answer is… yes! We’ve had strong signups and a lots of players join already, but we still a couple spots on most of our teams. We’re looking for players that love the game, want to attend practice/games regularly, want to play in the winter and whenever additional opportunities arise, and want to be challenged but still have fun. If that sounds like someone you know, sign up!

Supplemental Tryouts will be held at our training complex at 3237 Church St, Newtown, OH 45244. Supplemental tryout times:

If you’re tryouted-out, come to our Sunday Night Pickup this summer. It’s a chance for you to get to know some of our players and families in a more relaxed environment. For some, it ends up being a path to eventually joining the club.

Have questions? Check out our
Tryouts FAQs.