US Youth Soccer announces changes

U.S. Youth Soccer has officially announced some changes they’ve been hinting about for a while. The age group calendar will change from the current Aug 1 – Jul 31 version to an annual calendar. There are also changes to the number of players on the field, field sizes, and possibly goal sizes.

  • Registration wll be by birth year
  • U8 and below will play 4v4
  • U9-U10 will play 7v7
  • U11-U12 will play 9v9
  • There will be a gradual transition with 2016/17 optional and 2017/18 required.

Read more on the US Youth Soccer website.

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One comment on “US Youth Soccer announces changes
  1. Brett says:

    The original age group chart published by US Youth Soccer in Oct. 2015 ( showed some players “repeating” and age group, i.e., 2003s playing U13 and 2004s playing U12 in the 2016/17 soccer year. That chart has since been updated so that some players “skip” an age group, i.e., 2003s playing U14 and 2004s playing U13 (

    I haven’t heard anything about why they made that change, but I wanted to share the information for anyone who may have been confused.

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