To our 2009 players: we want you to know that whether you’re going into HS in the fall, or starting 8th grade, Cincy SC will have a team for you next year.

As you know, the US Soccer birth year system doesn’t align well with the school year system. Each year at the U15 age group about 70% of the players move on to high school and the rest do not.

For the “Younger ’09s” that will be “trapped 8th graders” in the fall:

  • These players will have a fairly normal club soccer year as you’ve come to expect, including a fall club season from Aug-Oct.
  • The team would play in a league, 3 tournaments, train 3x/week.
  • Don’t worry. Every year since fall of 2016 we’ve had a boys and a girls U15 team in the fall. As the club has grown, it’s become easier.

About Trapped 8th Grade Teams

  • We expect to have a very competitive B09 Fall team (or two) and a very competitive G09 Fall team in Fall ’23.
  • We normally shoot for 16-17 players for U15 teams, but roster sizes might not be perfect in the fall. If we need more players, they may come from our ’10s or from outside the club. If necessary, we may expand the roster so that players aren’t left out and add extra games so that everyone still gets enough game time (we did this with the G06s in ’20 and the B07s in fall ’21 and spring ’23).
  • Starting in Nov., these players will be reunited with the other ’09s (and older players) and invited to train with the HS program.
  • As HS players return, teams will be re-formed for spring and Fall team players will be placed on the appropriate team.
  • The goal is to make sure all our players have a place to play in the fall and spring.
  • There are U15s at every club facing this same situation. We have a good enough reputation and a strong enough nucleus that other players seek out opportunities with Cincy SC rather than our players having to go elsewhere to play.

For the “Older ’09s” that will be starting HS in the fall:

  • If they participate with their HS program in the fall, they return Cincy SC after HS seasons conclude and become part of our HS Program.
  • If they don’t play HS soccer, they can play with Cincy SC in the fall (OHSAA rules say you can’t do both).

Current Cincy SC Numbers:

2009 Boys (8th graders in the fall): 27 players (could end up with two teams)
2009 Girls (8th graders in the fall): 17 players

This is current Cincy SC players only. There are also potential new players registered for tryouts that want to play in the fall. There will likely be a few ’09s that will be in 9th grade but choose to play with Cincy SC in the fall.

What to do next

Whether you’re going into HS or 8th grade, please register for tryouts.