Our teams arrived at training last night to find the gym locked and we were unable to reach anyone at the school to help us out. So our staff improvised and moved up to the turf field that was actually reserved by another group starting at 6pm. After 6 we were relegated to the track area behind the goal. Despite these obstacles, we ended up having an outstanding training session focused on 1v1 attacking with speed and multiple move combinations including:

  • A stepover
  • A scissors
  • A stepover and then scissors
  • A body swerve
  • A stepover, scissors, body swerve
  • A “Matthews” (named for Stanley Matthews who made a living on this move)
  • fake Matthews
  • A Joe Cole (others may call this a Ronaldo chop) – chop behind your leg

See how many of these moves you can do in a row!