We track some “business metrics” at Cincy SC. One is our Net Promoter Score from our annual CSat survey. This year’s score was our highest ever at 58.3. At tryout time we have two more KPIs: Player Retention Rate (PRR) and Offer Acceptance Rate (OAR).

This year our PRR and OAR were both all-time highs.

Player Retention Rate

PRR is perhaps the best measure of customer satisfaction because it measures how many of our players from last year are playing with us again in the new soccer year. Obviously some players “graduate” from the program each year and others move, decide to focus on another sport, or leave the program for reasons other than being dissatisfied. So we aim for a PRR 80% or higher, calculated as # of returning Cincy SC players / Cincy SC players at the end of last year. At 2018 tryouts, our PRR was 69%. At 2019 tryouts it was 80.4%! (275/342, and still growing.)

Offer Acceptance Rate

We see OAR as the best measure of how we’re doing at tryouts. If players come and have fun, learn something, meet someone new, and generally feel welcome, they tend to accept an offer for Cincy SC if we have a spot. There’s a lot of competition in the youth soccer market every player that is offered at Cincy SC has (or would have received) an offer from at least one other club. We calculate OAR as offers accepted / offers given. At 2018 tryouts, our OAR was 81%. At 2019 tryouts it was 83.7%! (416/497, and still growing). That also means that we’ve grown by about 100 players as compared to last year at the same time.

Best Year Yet?

We hope what all of this means is that we’ll have our best year yet! It’s a delicate balance to have enough players on a team to create a good training environment and have the right number of subs for games and tournaments. The past few years, we sometimes had not enough players and would have to scramble to find guest players or play without subs. We think having more players is just one of many improvements that are going to combine to make this year special.