It’s the ultimate test for any brand or service business: do your customers come back? Do players stay at the same soccer club each year, or do they hop around?

Typical clubs retain about 2/3 of their players each year and about half of their offers are accepted. Cincy SC’s numbers are quite different: last year over 90% of our players returned — and over 80% of the players we offered spots to accepted them. Why is that?

There’s typically no “one” thing that leads to customers wanting to stay or deciding to shop around. It’s usually a combination of several factors. Because we do a customer satisfaction survey every year, we have a pretty good idea what it is that our families and players like about Cincy SC.

What makes Cincy SC special?

We strive to provide a great youth soccer experience for every player and family in our club. For us, the two pillars are a positive, challenging, and competitive learning environment at training and games, and clear parent communications to help you manage your busy lives. Here’s what people cite most frequently about why they love Cincy SC:

  • The club culture and community feel.
  • The fact that we’re a “small” club with only two teams per age group.
  • Our communications to parents and players about training topics, social activities, and club news.
  • Our coaches — all professionally licensed, no “parent-coached” teams.
  • Our focus on the whole person, explained through our EPIC core values (Excellence, Player development, Integrity, Community) and our motto: Dare to be EPIC!
  • Our club-wide community events, like club parties, summer pick up games, outings to pro games, and events like Footie Golf.
  • That our leaders listen to our members, through our annual surveys, and informally as well.
  • We share what players are working on so parents can support and participate in their child’s development.
  • We keep soccer fun!

How can you join?

Our tryout registration is open and players can register anytime. Our main tryouts each year are at the end of May, but we have options throughout the year for players and our coaches to get to know one another.

Cincy SC statistics are from tryouts in May/June 2019. Typical club data based on data shared by US Soccer Coaches, discussions with other club directors, and historical observation. But there’s no one compiling this data, so they are estimates.