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Who’s ready for 4 months of screen time?

More than ever, kids are spending their free time looking at screens and playing video games. Especially during the winter months and over summer break, kids park on the couch and develop unhealthy habits. Soccer skills may get rusty for even the most active kids without consistent training. What’s the answer?

PIVO! A skills-focused soccer & futsal training program with measurable results.

PIVO Players and Wrist Belts Summer 2019

What’s PIVO?

PIVO Academy is a skills-focused soccer and futsal training program with karate-esque wrist belts to motivate players to improve their skills and measure progress. From 2018-23, players have shown an average improvement of 41% on their PIVO Standards between weeks 1 and 7.

The Pivo (PEE-vo) is the centre-forward and playmaker in futsal. For us, PIVO also stands for our goal to create Players with Intelligence and Vision while On the ball.

Why Futsal?

Futsal is fast-paced and places a premium on foot skills and ball control. A futsal ball is slightly smaller and heavier than a soccer ball, and it doesn’t bounce much so the game is played mainly on the floor. Because it can be played on any basketball court, we can find training venues close to you.

Why choose PIVO Futsal Academy?

Our staff, led by Director Russell Lewis, are all certified coaches of futsal and soccer. Courses are held at gyms and rec centers on the east side of Cincy. And the cost is significantly lower than some similar programs.

Ready to join?

There are no tryouts, but sign ups are limited to keep class sizes small. Sign up today!

PIVO Calendar & current season schedule:

The PIVO Calendar has the schedule including address information.

What level should I choose?

PIVO is primarily focused on individual skills, so players don’t all have to be on the same level, but it helps. Read the descriptions and go with your gut — you can switch sections later if necessary.

Beginner – just starting with PIVO and limited or no futsal experience. Players are typically 5-9 years old and are just starting or have a PIVO White/Yellow/Orange belt.

Intermediate – some futsal experience, typically 8-11 years old or have a PIVO Orange, Green, or Blue Belt.

Ninja – experienced, technically-strong futsal players, typically 10+ years old or have a PIVO Blue Belt or higher.

PIVO Futsal League

Players that join PIVO training are also automatically included in our PIVO Youth Futsal League. Players will be assigned to a team and games will be played on Sundays between 4-7pm at Nothin But Net. Session 1 is Nov-Dec and Session 2 is Jan-Feb.


Team PIVO is for our most competitive players that want to develop as part of a futsal team. It includes entry into 4 futsal tourneys and a local futsal league and runs from Nov-Feb.

Have Questions??

Check out our FAQs page.


PIVO also hosts 4 tournaments over the winter months. The Black Friday Stampede, Mistletoe Ball, MLK Freedom, and Presidents’ Day Rush.