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Rule changes for 2019-20

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) and FIFA introduced several rule changes this year. The most noticeable will be a change to goal kicks, which no longer need to leave the penalty area and are considered “in play” on the

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Dare to be CEPI? I was thinking this week about what makes Cincy SC special. Russell and I joke that we considered making our core values CEPI, but “Dare to be CEPI” didn’t sound quite right. But what’s not a

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New leadership positions for Cincy SC coaches

We’re excited to share with our current and future Cincy SC families some new leadership positions for a few members of our staff. These coaches have earned this additional responsibility and opportunity and we expect them to continue to make Cincy

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Three new faces at Cincy SC

We’re excited to welcome three new coaches to our staff this spring. Please say hello to Coach Jason, Coach Logan, and Coach Ross!                   This spring Jason will be working primarily with

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Is Training Mandatory?

Parents sometimes ask me, is the ___ training session mandatory? (They probably think it’s a yes or no question.) Let me first share a few less-complex questions: Are players expected to attend all their team’s training sessions? Yes (except for U10

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Achieving fitness and good behavior without running laps

“No laps, no lines, no lectures.” US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Warming up, wihout running laps A recent soccer coaching clinic started with a demonstration of two kinds of warm-ups: one group ran a lap around the perimeter of the complex the

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US Soccer Player Numbering System

This year, coming down from US Soccer, we’re teaching players the US Soccer Player Numbering System. You can see the players and positions from the graphic below. Read more…

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Who’s your #10?

Did you ever wonder why the #10 is so popular in soccer? To answer this question, we have to take a step back and look at what numbers on a soccer team originally meant. Each player on the field was traditionally identified

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Great Catch for Dayton Dynamo and Moeller HS!

Corey Zinser, Cincinnati Soccer Club goalkeeping coach

We’re excited to pass on the news that Corey Zinser, Cincy SC Director of Goalkeeping, has accepted goalkeeper coaching jobs with the Dayton Dynamo and Moeller HS starting in the fall. Corey will continue to work with Cincy SC goalkeepers and our

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Principles of Defending

After watching the Columbus CREW defend poorly over the weekend, I thought it would tie into our topic this week: Principles of Defending. U10-14’s: Intro to Defending by Travis Swensgard   Here are some coaching points for defending:   Our club communication

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