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Achieving fitness and good behavior without running laps

“No laps, no lines, no lectures.” US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Warming up, wihout running laps A recent soccer coaching clinic started with a demonstration of two kinds of warm-ups: one group ran a lap around the perimeter of the complex the

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Who’s your #10?

Did you ever wonder why the #10 is so popular in soccer? To answer this question, we have to take a step back and look at what numbers on a soccer team originally meant. Each player on the field was traditionally identified

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Principles of Defending

After watching the Columbus CREW defend poorly over the weekend, I thought it would tie into our topic this week: Principles of Defending. U10-14’s: Intro to Defending by Travis Swensgard   Here are some coaching points for defending:   Our club communication

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Do we want Robinhos or Robots?

How over-coaching and the emphasis on winning stifle young American talent. By Mike Woitalla, Soccer America Magazine The little boy dribbled and kept dribbling. He had taken the ball away from the midfield pack and zoomed toward his own goal.

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