Search for “CSC” on our website and see how many hits you get. Just this post.

Before joining Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance, a club called CSA was actually (and quite ineffectively) trying to get people to stop calling them CSA. Seriously. Perhaps the fact that CSA was prominent in their logo was the problem.

Here at Cincy SC we try to nip in the bud any rouge abbreviations. CSC isn’t very unique. People around here use CSC to refer to Cincinnati Sports Club and it’s on the yellow jackets of the company that does security at most sporting events. If we go to a tournament, we might find ourselves pitted against another “CSC” team from Columbus, Cleveland, Cambridge, Carmel, Centerville, Chillicothe… you get the idea.


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and I don’t like “CSC” either.

Help us out and splurge on an extra syllable or 4 more letters and call your club “Cincy SC.”

Cincy SC is our club’s unique brand. It’s our website ( and it’s in our email addresses. Cincinnati Soccer Club can be quite a mouthful, but we believe Cincy SC is a great nickname. Please help us out and refer to our club as “Cincy SC.”

Who are we?! CINCY SC!!