Our tryouts for Fall ’24- Spring ’25 are in late May. Specific days, times, and locations for each age group can be found here. We’ll also email you the days, times, and locations for your player after you complete our membership application.

Our Philosophy

We design our tryout process with these principles in mind:

  • We believe that our Cincy SC players, families, and coaches deserve a complete Spring Season, with the focus on player development and their current team, not on tryouts for next fall.
  • We want every player that comes to Cincy SC tryouts to learn something, meet a someone new, and have fun.
  • We believe players should have plenty of time to consider an offer from Cincy SC, and check out alternatives, if they wish.

Cincy SC 2024-2025 Tryouts Poster

Timing of Offers & Decisions

We provide 2 nights of tryouts to provide options for players, and we wait until tryouts conclude before making decisions and sending offers.

  • 2013-2018 Birth Year Players: Tryouts 5/20-5/23, Offers sent on 5/25
  • 2005-2011 Birth Year Players: Tryouts 5/28-5/29, Offers sent on 5/30

If you get an offer from Cincy SC, we request that you respond as soon as possible, but we don’t put a deadline on our offers. We want players and parents to be confident in their decision.

Offer Rules

Ohio Soccer Association used to have rules about offering spots to players from outside their club. But there really are no rules anymore.

Open Training and ID Sessions

Some other clubs hold “ID sessions” or pseudo-tryouts for players from outside their club throughout May by inviting those players to training. While it’s helpful for the player from outside the club to get involved early, we believe it is disruptive to our spring season and our training environment and would not deliver good value to our current players and families.

Player’s Right to Choose – and not be pressured

We believe that players should be given the opportunity to consider multiple clubs before making a decision about where to play soccer next year.

Some other clubs offer current players early and try to lock them in with a required deposit before the player has an opportunity to receive an offer from another club. We believe this infringes on the player’s right to choose and is not within the spirit of OSA’s offer rules.

What if another club gives you a deadline before then?

It’s up to you of course, but here’s a response you can use, if you want:

“Thank you for the offer to join your club. We’re interested, but we want to be sure of our decision before we commit. Could you hold onto the spot until May 25? We’ll be able to give you a confident response by then.”


Please check out our Tryouts FAQs or contact us.

We’re committed to providing a complete spring season. We have tryouts at the end in order to form teams for the next year. We’re committed to a tryout and offer process that fits with our core value of Integrity, allowing players that are offered a spot at Cincy SC the opportunity to also check out their alternatives. And we’re committed to providing outstanding Player Development and clear parent communications.