For those looking for competitive youth soccer for their children, tryouts for several area select soccer clubs start THIS WEEK! These tryouts are to form teams that play for the next year, including a Fall Season (Aug-Oct) and Spring Season (Mar-May).

In competitive youth club soccer, teams are organized by birth year (a mandate from US Soccer Federation) and tryouts are restricted to specific dates (a mandate from the competitive soccer leagues in which club teams participate).

Soccer Club: an organization with affiliated teams at multiple age groups that provides training, coaching, uniforms, and entry into into leagues and tournaments for teams. (Not to be confused with Leagues, which take applications and payment from various clubs/teams, organize them in an attempt to create equal competition, rent fields, hire referees, and maintain standings, or Associations, which are similar to leagues but typically allow individual players to sign up and be placed directly on teams, coached by a parent or two).

Tryout Schedules for Area Clubs:

If you’re interested, but you’re not sure which club is the best fit for you and your budding soccer superstar, spend a little time on their websites and social media and try to attend at least one day of tryouts at a couple different clubs. That’s the best way to get a feel for the culture and training environment that each club offers.

If we can find the time, we’re going to create a matrix by age group that shows the tryout days and times for each of these clubs (and possibly a couple others). Let us know if that’s something you’d like to see.