Dare to be CEPI?

I was thinking this week about what makes Cincy SC special. Russell and I joke that we considered making our core values CEPI, but “Dare to be CEPI” didn’t sound quite right. But what’s not a joke is that Community is often our #1 core value.

Club > Team

It takes a village to raise a child, and a club to support a team. This fall we have several teams that have pretty short rosters. This means lots of playing time, and an opportunity for bonus games for guest players willing to help out at tournaments or in league games.

As we were lining up guest players for our first tourney of the season, we were hit with another bender: our new uniforms were not going to arrive on time! This was no trivial issue: we had 13 teams playing and although many players could wear their Under Armour uniform from past years, a few dozen new players didn’t have a uniform at all.

Give that old uniform new life!

The not-so-good word from New Balance on Monday was that only our socks would arrive so we started collecting Under Armour jerseys and shorts. Our community turned out in support as players that weren’t playing that weekend and players who were no longer with Cincy SC donated uniforms to help the cause. The result? All our players were completely outfitted for the tourney and had a great time.

Setting Cincy SC apart

An those were just two recent examples of our Cincy SC Community helping out. On the field we’ve loaned shoes, merged teams for training, and guest played. We’ve built a shed together, taken 435 people to an FCC game, and thrown some epic parties kicking off the season or celebrating the end of fall. Coaches cover each other when we have a conflict. PAs help each other when someone has a question about carding or tournament check in. When we ask people what they like best about Cincy SC, almost everyone brings up our core values of Integrity, Player Development, and Excellence. What’s never left out though, is our Community of people who love soccer, and how it truly makes Cincy SC a special club.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of Cincy SC.