We’re committed to providing great customer service to the players and families at Cincy SC. One method we use to help achieve that goal is our recently completed, first ever, Cincy SC Customer Satisfaction Survey. We wanted to share the results and our action plans.

First, some stats and context:

  • 93% of our respondents said they would recommend Cincy SC to a friend.
  • 73 parents responded over a two-week period (Oct 21-Nov 3), representing about 38% of our players.
  • We filtered the data by team and shared it so our coaches could learn from any team-specific feedback.

The big picture:


So what does that mean? We think it seems pretty good and will serve as a great benchmark for surveys to come, but since this is our first year we don’t have a lot to compare it with. Perhaps our best set of comparison data is from a phone poll at at town hall meeting in the spring of 2015 held by another club:


So it’s not exactly the same question, and we’re soccer coaches not statisticians, but we think it’s fair to conclude that Cincy SC’s results look pretty darn good in comparison.

We also asked what our families liked about our club, and what they’d like to see us work on.

What they liked:

What we need to work on:

(all relate primarily to only a couple teams)

  • Early communication about game times and guest players.
  • Rosters with players that are closer together in terms of their stage of development.
  • Providing the right level of competition for each team.

The responses have led to some great discussions and we have action plans to build on what’s working as well as addressing the improvement areas. In particular:

  • We’re going to have more consistent rosters and less player movement in the spring. Team assignments will be shared at least two weeks in advance.
  • Our long term plan is to have two teams at our U7-U12 age groups, which will allow us to group players by their stage of development.
  • We know that fall seasons tend to have some lopsided games. This improves in the spring when teams find their right level. We’re also looking into league and tournament alternatives for some of our teams.

Finally, we believe that feedback is a gift and we wanted to express our sincere thanks for those who responded. Feel free to share your comments or questions on this post or reach out to the club.

Who are we!? Cincy SC!!!