We’re committed to providing great customer service to the players and families at Cincy SC. One method we use to help achieve that goal is our annual Cincy SC Customer Satisfaction Survey. We’re not statisticians, but we think it’s fair to conclude that Cincy SC’s 2017 results look pretty darn good. Here’s an overview of the results and our action plans.

First, some stats and context:

  • 39.7% of our families responded between Oct 14-30, which is pretty phenomenal in and of itself.
  • 87% of our respondents would recommend Cincy SC to a friend (awesome!)
  • We filtered the data by team and shared it with our coaches so they can learn and improve.

The big picture:

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Summary


So what does that mean? This question is a business industry standard and it allows you to calculate a Net Promoter Score (NPS). An NPS above 0 is considered “good” as that means you have more promoters (9’s and 10’s) than detractors (0-6’s). A score of 50 is considered excellent. In 2015, our first year, we scored a 35. Last year, we scored an EPIC 59! This year we’re down a bit, coming in at 33.1. This is still really good — it would make us the #1 rated company in many industries, and probably still way above most soccer clubs — but it’s not where we want to be.


We joke that the two most important outcomes of our training sessions is that somebody pukes and somebody passes out. Really it’s that our players are learning and they are having fun doing it. So we asked our parents if how much they agreed with the following statements: “My child is learning” and “My child is having fun.”

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Summary Learning and Having Fun


Since this is our 3rd year, we have some internal data to use as a benchmark. Here’s what this year’s results look like compared to last year:

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Summary vs. Previous Year


We were pretty stoked about last year’s survey results, so we’re a little bummed out to see this year’s scores dropping a bit. But we’re still getting a lot of stuff right and we know what we need to do to improve.


We also recognize that each family’s experience is unique and summarized results don’t necessarily reflect their personal feelings. Anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”


We also asked what our families liked about our club, and what they’d like to see us work on.

What they liked:

What we need to work on:

  • Providing the right level of competition for each team.
  • Ensuring we have the right number of players on each team.
  • Developing our coaches & trainers.
  • Improving play on the field and results.


The responses have led to some great discussions and we have action plans to build on what’s working as well as well as addressing the improvement areas. Based on feedback, we’ve already added a pages to our website with guest playing guidelines, other leagues (Ohio South State League, East Coast National League, and Cardinal Premier League), encouraged our coaches and PAs to use our email and GroupMe groups for team communications, and more.


Finally, we believe that feedback is a gift and we wanted to express our sincere thanks for those who responded. Feel free to share your comments or questions on this post or reach out to us.

Who are we!? Cincy SC!!!