I’ve heard a couple coaches say “Elite 1” lately and I wanted to let you know why we considered but ultimately chose to not use that naming standard. 

The first reason was that we already had G09 Elite and B09 Elite teams last fall before we decided to create our ’09 Elite 2 teams, and we didn’t want to change the names. Changing the name affects the team email, GroupMe, calendar, team list, TA email, GotSoccer, Demosphere, league websites, the club website, etc., many of which we use year after year from U7 up to U19.

We also expect to go back to 2 teams (Premier & Elite) at the older age groups, which would mean Elite 1 would no longer make sense.

Finally, there’s also some precedent here in the larger soccer world. There are lots of examples of MLS teams having USL 2nd teams that they just call “___ 2”, such as Red Bulls 2, LA Galaxy 2, Sporting KC 2. They don’t then go back and call their MLS team Red Bulls 1, etc.

Just wanted to clarify this before anyone develops any bad habits. 🙂