A pride, herd, gaggle? (What do you call a group of soccer moms & dads?)

This morning, you, and all other parents listed on the Cincy SC roster, should have received an invitation to join the team’s Google Group. This means that are now able to email your entire team by sending a message to bu7@cincysc.com. Go ahead, try it out! (Note that some parents are still in the process of joining.)


“Oh, I didn’t see that. It must have gone to my husband’s email.”

The beauty of using a Google Group is that you never have to worry about someone missing an email because it was sent to an old distribution list. Anyone can join the group including multiple parents, the nanny, grandpa, etc. Just send them to https://groups.google.com/a/cincysc.com/d/forum/bu7 and tell them to click on “Apply for membership.”


“But I still use AOL because I like when it says, ‘You’ve got mail!’”

The one drawback of using Google Groups is that you have to have a Google account. Don’t worry though. You can create a Google account using your current email address, whether it’s AOL, yahoo, or your company email. Having a Google account will be helpful anyway since we also use Google Calendars and Google Docs.