Cincy SC recently introduced a formal mechanism for parents and coaches to provide feedback on the tournaments our teams attend. We’re calling it GATOR, mostly for fun, but also to differentiate it from other stuff we have going on. GATOR loosely stands for Grouping and Analysis of Tournament Observations and Recommendations. Don’t try to remember that though. Just call it GATOR. 🙂

The purpose of GATOR is to continue to improve on the tournament experiences of our Cincy SC teams. Feedback our families provide will help us decide whether to go back to a tournament again and help identify what to look for, or watch out for, when deciding whether to enter a tournament.

So far this fall, we’ve sent teams to five tournaments: Dog Days (1 team), Ohio United Cup (4 teams), the End of Summer Classic in Sandusky (12 teams), the Midwest Fall Cup (13 teams), and the Dublin United Champions Cup (5 teams). We asked participants to provide their feedback using this survey.

We’ve had 136 GATOR responses so far about these tournaments. Here’s the summary of answers to the “Would you go back?” question:

TournamentNoYesGrand TotalYes %
2019-08-17 Dog Days022100%
2019-08-24 Ohio Utd Cup591464%
2019-08-24 Sandusky27416860%
2019-09-14 Midwest Fall Cup4394390%
2019-09-21 Dublin Champions Cup1111291%
Grand Total3710213973%

Of course, filtering by team provides other insights. For the Ohio United Cup, only one team had any “no” votes:

GenderTeamNoYesYes %
Boys2011 Elite2100%
Girls2006 Elite6100%
2011 Elite5117%
Grand Total5964%

And for the Sandusky tournament, the responses varied widely by team:

GenderTeamNoYesYes %
Boys2006 Elite2360%
2006 Premier8538%
2007 Premier2571%
2008 Elite1583%
2008 Premier2467%
2009 Premier3125%
2006 Premier1686%
2007 Premier3125%
2008 Premier5338%
2009 Premier3100%
Grand Total274160%

As always, the comments are the most helpful piece to understand what people liked and didn’t like. Our directors read every response and we share a summary by team with each coach as well.

It’s out hope that tools like GATOR help us continue to improve our tourney selections and the overall tourney experiences for our players, families, and coaches.