At the April 26th Public Hearing on the Conditional Use Application for Kinney Field, the Newtown Planning Commission ruled that a traffic study should be performed. This is the result of that traffic study. The next meeting with Newtown is on May 24.



  • The analysis completed indicates the traffic exiting the Proposed Access Drive will operate at a LOS C with an average delay of 16.0 seconds/vehicle.
  • The evaluation of exclusive turn lane warrants indicates that exclusive lanes for the northbound left turns and southbound right turns from Church Road to westbound on the Proposed Access Drive are not warranted.
  • Ideally it would be desirable to align the Proposed Access Drive with Edith Avenue. However; the Proposed Driveway is offset and located north of Edith Avenue due to property constraints.
  • Evaluation of intersection sight distance indicates the available sight distance for the vehicles making left and right turns from the Proposed Access Drive exceeds the minimum intersection sight distance of 280’ and 240’.


Traffic Study