All coaches need to complete this step to register with Cincy SC in Demosphere each year. Please click the button below.

Coaches also must complete:

Cincy SC coaches must be registered with US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) in order to be carded and coach in league and tournament games. Ohio Soccer Association (OSA) is a member of USYSA.


In 2018, USYSA and OSA implemented US Soccer Connect, aka Stack, a new system for registering players and coaches with OSA and its member leagues. Coaches will create a member account, which is permanent, and then will just need to be registered as a coach each year with Cincy SC. The coach member account includes the risk assessment (background check) and Lindsay’s Law (sudden cardiac arrest) verification. Coaches need to upload a photo and their completed concussion certificate (valid for 3 years) into their account. Stack connects to the DCC to pull coaching licenses as long as the email address is the same on both accounts.

2015-June 2018 Coach Registration Information

The information below was valid through June 2018. There may still be useful elements so we haven’t deleted it yet, but much of it is replaced by the new US Soccer system.

Each coach has an online folder where we will store the following documents:

  1. Profile photo
  2. Ohio South Risk Management Certificate (Background Check)
  3. Concussion Training Certificate
    • Concussion certificates are good for 3 years. If you have completed the online course in the past year, please try to locate it or go to the site and reprint it. If you have not completed it or need to update please see steps below.
    • Go to:
    • You will need to register or sign in, but the course is free
    • Download or “print” your certificate as a .pdf when you’re done
  4. Lindsay’s Law Signature Form
  5. Coaching licenses