Cincy SC players must be registered with a US Soccer governing body to compete in league and tournament games, in our case Ohio Soccer Association, which uses a system called Demosphere. The instructions for registering are below.

Registering in Demosphere

  1. Use a computer, not a phone.
  2. Go to
  3. Login to your family account, or if you’re new to club soccer in Ohio, create a new family account.
  4. Select the player.
  5. If the player wasn’t registered ever before, you’ll need to upload a digital copy of the player’s birth certificate or passport. Make sure they are legible. If you have trouble, you can email us the file at
  6. Upload a player photo. A school photo is a good option. It must be a color, forward-facing photo of the player. The player cannot be wearing a hat or sunglasses, or a Halloween mask, or a bucket over their head. It should be close up, not a photo that’s intended to show how small the player is in comparison to the Washington Monument. The system has a zoom and crop tool that will allow you to ensure it only includes the player (no siblings or friends). If your photo doesn’t meet the league standard, they will reject it and that delays our carding process.
  7. Select the season and age group
    • If you don’t see a season, you’ve likely already completed the registration, or it may be partially complete and still in your “cart.”
    • It doesn’t matter what age group you choose.
  8. Click through, digitally sign a bunch of forms, submit your order for $0, and make sure you get to the confirmation screen.


Players that play for a club in the fall and decide to switch to a different club for the spring are considered “transfers” and must register with the new club, fill out a transfer form, and obtain their player card (or a photo of it cut in half) to ensure that the player is not carded with two teams. The transfer form is on the state association website here: Player Transfer Form. Here’s more info on the process to transfer in to Cincy SC.

Tournament-only Guest Players

Players that are not carded on any team can play in a tournament by registering as a “tournament-only guest player” through the OSA website. The parent registers the player and then should notify the OSA office that they would like to pick up the card.