Cincy SC players must be registered with a US Soccer governing body to compete in league and tournament games. The instructions for registering are below.

US Soccer Connect

Please use this link to get started, and be sure to get all the way to the end where you should see a confirmation screen and get a system-generated confirmation email.

Cincy SC Stack Player Registration

If you had a player that played select soccer in 2018-19 or later, you should already have a member account and you just need to login to see players available for registration with Cincy SC.

The first form that comes up is for parent information. It seems to lose the “relationship to player” value so you’ll likely need to fill that in, but the rest of the form should be whatever you entered before. Scroll to the bottom and click “Continue to Register Players.”

If you see your player listed, click on their name. If you don’t (because they didn’t play with Cincy SC last year), you’ll need to click “Someone else” and enter the player’s name and other info.

You will not need to pay anything to register, but you will have to proceed through the payment process with the amount due showing $0.00.

For the player photo, please upload a recent head shot photo. Recommended size is 300×400 pixels. Proof of birth can be a birth certificate or a passport.

A common error:

If you create a “Member Account” or don’t fully complete the registration, we will not be able to put the player on a roster or create a player card, and I will probably have to send you an email that says something like this:
Your son or daughter has a “Member Account” but they aren’t yet “Registered” with Cincy SC. This happens a lot — I’m sure the managers of the system have a few terabytes worth of emails about from frustrated parents or club administrators.
Please do this:
1. Go to
2. Click on “Register Now”
3. Sign in
4. Complete all the membership forms, including several virtual signatures
5. Make sure you get to the “Pay $0” screen and confirm the registrations

Our club administrator will use the information entered into the website to create rosters and player cards.

Background: In 2018, US Youth Soccer and it’s local subsidiary Ohio South Youth Soccer Association (OSYSA) implemented US Soccer Connect, aka Stack, a new online system for registering players and coaches with US Youth Soccer and its member leagues. Each player’s account is permanent, as is the birth certificate. The photo should be updated each year. The parent must complete all the associated registration tasks, including several “signatures” for concussion awareness, liability waivers, etc.

Tournament-only Guest Players

Players that are not carded on any team can play in a tournament by registering as a'”tournament-only guest player” at The button/link is located on the left column of that page. The parent registers the player and then should notify the OSYSA office that they would like to pick up the card.