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If you’re a referee that wants to work at Cincy SC tournaments, please fill out this Referee Form to get into our database.

Becoming a USSF Referee
There is a shortage of refs in the Cincinnati area. It’s s a great way to learn about the game, earn some money, and have fun!

Age Requirements
U.S. Soccer requires all new referees to be at least 13 years of age. Ohio Soccer Association says that Ohio Law requires referees to be at least 14 years old, but refs can start the certification in the year they will turn 14.
Local rec soccer organizations such as SCSAGSE, and SAY also run referee courses. Those certifications would allow you to ref rec games, but not club games in our leagues or tournaments (Cardinal, Buckeye, OSSL, The EPIC Cup, etc.). Club games generally pay more, have a higher level of play, and are more likely to have professional coaches and club directors educating parents, players, and coaches on proper behavior. Rec leagues will generally allow a USSF referee to work a match, but club leagues will not allow a rec ref.
USSF Referee Uniform
Check out these all-inclusive referee kits, or pick up the pieces you need online or at your favorite soccer shop. The default color is supposed to be yellow, but in Cincinnati the default tends to be green. 
Here’s how you can help, and make some $$$:
  1. Start here: New Grassroots Referee
    • Courses are run by state referee associations, including Ohio South, Ohio North, and Kentucky. Some may require an on-field session, and others may be all-virtual (in which case it doesn’t matter what state you register in — the patch is from USSF, not the state association)
  2. Create an account with the US Soccer Learning Center and Ohio South (
  3. Complete the online course and other requirements
Refereeing at Clear Creek:

Clear Creek park on State Route 32 is where most Cincy SC home games are played. Cardinal Premier League, Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League, and Ohio Soccer State League have different assigning systems for games there.

  • Cardinal Premier League (CPL) – uses Game Officials
    • Group: 1618 (SOSC : Southern Ohio Soccer Council)
    • Access code: 1618
    • Assignor: Tom Vanderloo,, (513) 448-9868
    • This system is also used for TPL games (TPL is sort of a division of CPL)
    • As of Fall ’22, the system allows you to self-assign games up to two weeks out (etiquette is to select at least 2 AR spots for each CR spot)
  • Buckeye – uses Game Officials
    • Group: 1184 (Joel Hughes Assigning: BPYSL)
    • Access code: referee
    • Assignor: Joel Hughes,
    • As of Fall ’22, the system allows you to self-assign games
  • OSSL – uses The Game Schedule
    • Login using your OSSRC number
    • As of Fall ’22, the system allows you to self-assign games
    • Note the additional check in requirements for OSSL games
Getting Started in Game Officials
  1. Go to
  2. If you don’t have an account in Game Officials, click on “New Official”; otherwise just login
  3. To join a group, click on “My Assignors” and expand the “Join New Group” section
  4. Choose your “Identity” (which group you want to select games from)
  5. Click on “Self-Assign”
Other Systems
Several other referee assignors in the Cincy area use Horizon Web Ref to assign league and tournament games.

More Information:
For more information, visit the official site for Ohio Soccer Association,, the official site for US Soccer Referees,, and the official site for Ohio South State Referees,