As everyone knows, there’s a popular soccer club in Cincinnati that’s been working towards joining a different, some might say major, soccer league. Though supporters, players, and coaches have all maintained that there’s nothing wrong with the club’s current league affiliation, many were also privately longing for the opportunity to join another.

Today, that dream became a reality. Cincy SC has accepted an invitation to join the Greater Cincinnati Soccer League (GCSL)! Up to 11 Cincy SC teams may participate in the GCSL starting with the Spring 2018 season.

Russell Lewis, Cincy SC’s Director of Soccer Operations had this to say about the news, “Mate, congrats. Did you check your email?”

This is great news for Cincy SC and our players and families. Playing in the GCSL will help us achieve our goal of providing the right level of league competition for each of our teams, while also reducing the travel commitment for some teams. Decisions for specific teams will be made over the next few days, but generally the club will look to have Premier teams and older teams play in an appropriate division of Buckeye and Elite teams play in an appropriate division of GCSL.

Here’s hoping this good league news extends to FC Cincinnati in its bid for MLS. #CincySC2GCSL #FCC2MLS