Wondering about uniforms? Cincy SC’s annual club fee includes a complete training kit and game uniform with one new jersey.

Game Uniform, 2019-20

The club-provided game uniform for 2019-20 is a navy jersey, navy shorts, and navy socks. The 2nd jersey is the white jersey from 2018-19. (The current year’s navy jersey will always be the 2nd jersey the following year.)

  • This applies to 2011 birth year players and older (2012 and 2013 use the training kit of games)
  • Jerseys and shorts both come in youth, men’s and women’s sizes.
  • All game uniform items pictured above are included, except for the white jersey (last year’s jersey). These can be ordered from our Team Shop or perhaps acquired from a player that doesn’t need one anymore.
  • Jersey and shorts sizes: YXS-YXL, MS-MXL, WXS-WXL
  • Navy socks sizes: Youth (13-3), Sm (4-7), Med (7-9), Lg (10-13)

Training Kit, 2019

Orange NB training top, Black NB shorts, Black NB socks, Navy “Keystone” training top

2019 Cincy SC Training Kit

  • All training kit items are unisex. All are included in your fees.
  • Orange training top sizes: YXS-YL, AS-AXL
  • Black training shorts sizes: YXS-YXL, AS-AXL
  • Black socks sizes: Youth (13-3), Sm (4-7), Med (7-9), Lg (10-13)
  • Navy training top sizes: YXS-YL, AS-AXL

New Balance Sizing and Size Chart

For sizing, you can use this NB Size Chart or try on a sample kit at one of these places:

We recommend that girls playing U12 and older order women’s sizes. NB women’s jerseys come in sizes XS-XL and they run pretty small. The girls seem to generally prefer the women’s cut to the boxier youth shape.

New Balance Women’s vs Youth Cuts

The images below show a comparison between Women’s XS and Youth L, Women’s S and Youth L, and Women’s M and Youth XL.

New Balance Men’s vs Youth Cuts

The images below show a comparison between Youth L, Youth XL, and Men’s S.New Balance Jerseys - Youth Large over Youth XL over Men's Small