There will be a public hearing at the Newtown Municipal Building on 4/26/18 at 6pm to hear public feedback on a proposal to use “Kinney Field” for soccer training. If you’re just hearing about this, here’s a little background to catch you up.

The Kinney family and Cincinnati Soccer Club have requested permission to use the field located at 3237 Church St., zoned Residential-Single Family, as a soccer training field. Use of property zoned R-SF for a “club” is conditionally permitted by village code, based on approval of the Planning Commission. Cincinnati Soccer Club is a non-profit youth soccer organization that fits the village zoning code and the IRS definition of a club. The purpose of the public hearing will be to gather public feedback before making the conditionally permitted use decision.

Why Choose A Soccer Field? Why Choose A Soccer Field?


Why Choose a Soccer Field? — Plan Highlights

  • No traffic on Jefferson, Edith, Pine, or Ragland roads
  • New 3-lane driveway off Church St. for smooth traffic flow
  • New parking lot with 50 spaces
  • No lights (on field, parking lot, or driveway)
  • “Clubhouse” (more like a shelter) with permanent bathrooms
  • Drop off roundabout
  • Keeps area as a green space
  • Positive impact on local youth
  • Weeknight use only Mar-Jun and Aug-Oct

About Cincy SC:

  • Cincy SC is a youth soccer club that includes several hundred players and families that live in and around Newtown.
  • The club is classified by the IRS as a non-profit, charitable organization.
  • It’s members are nice people that support local Newtown businesses before, during and after club training sessions.

About the field:

  • Now owned by the Kinney family, the field has been used as a soccer field for many years.
  • Traffic and parking issues started in 2017 when the soccer club lost permission to use an adjacent parking lot.
  • The proposed driveway and parking lot should eliminate those issues and create a minimal impact on neighbors (see plans).
  • The proposal to use the space for the soccer club keeps it a green space, as opposed to possible alternatives such as a housing development.

Application Background

Kinney Field Conditionally Permitted Use Application Documents

Definition of Club

From Newtown Zoning Code, section 2.028:

2.028 Club. A building or portion thereof or premises owned or operated by a corporation, association, or group of persons for a social, educational, recreational, charitable, political, patriotic or athletic purpose, but not primarily for profit or to render a service which is customarily carried on as a business.

Conditionally Permitted Uses of Residential-Zoned Areas

From Newtown Zoning Code, section 14.3:

14.3 Conditionally Permitted Uses
Conditionally permitted uses are home occupations (see Section 4.7 regarding regulations), active recreation areas, bed and breakfast establishments, clubs, and essential services and utilities. Any other use deemed to be of a similar nature as those above by the Planning Commission.

Proposed Plans and Property Maps:

Kinney Field Property

Kinney Field Proposed Design

Kinney Field Parking and Driveway Detail


Cincy SC Comment: we think we have solutions for the traffic and parking issues that were largely caused by soccer parents during the spring and fall of 2017. We’re certainly not trying to put something in the neighborhood that causes issues for neighbors or creates a safety issue. We understand the concerns of the neighbors, that’s why the planned us will not include lighting for the fields, parking lot, or signs. There will be no speaker system. Our coaches don’t use whistles and there will be no referees or marching bands or any other noisemakers. The parking lot will not be accessible from Jefferson St. and the driveway is designed to allow several cars to queue up after turning off of Church St.