Mistle Toe Ball Futsal Tourney
The Mistle Toe Ball – Sun. Dec. 29th at Sports Plus

We’d like to invite you to enter a team or player into the Mistletoe Ball, a futsal tournament on Sunday, Dec. 29th at Sports Plus in Evendale. You can enter a team for only $100 if you register before midnight on Dec. 10th (normally $120).

It’s coed and there’s mistletoe, but no kissing!

The week between Christmas and New Years is always slow with no school, slow days at work, and lots of stored up holiday calories. Don’t hibernate! Play futsal!

Not your ordinary futsal tourney

  • Coed rule: teams can have 3 girls/2 boys or 3 boys/2 girls on the court.
  • Divisions: Adult, High School, and youth divisions formed based on average age and competitive level of the team in order to create equal and reasonable competition. If a group of 10-12 year-olds wants to play together, we’d rather they play with 11 year-olds than with all 12 year-olds.
  • Play with family and neighbors: the “average age” setup encourages brothers, sisters, and neighbors that are close in age to play together and makes it easier to form teams. But we won’t allow a big age/maturity gap to keep it fun and safe for everyone.

Register a team here: https://www.tourneymachine.com/E70916

Or find out more info here: https://cincysc.com/tourneys/mistletoe-ball/ (including the option to sign up a free agent player).