To keep things simple for players, we have a simple rule for Fall ’21: wear orange socks on Sundays.

Traditionally, Cincy SC players have only had one color of socks for games. From Fall 2015 – Spring 2017, that was orange. Since Fall 2017, it’s been navy.

In Spring ’21, the club purchased orange socks for every youth player to wear during The EPIC Cup. Although the distribution process didn’t work out too well, several teams did end up with orange socks at the tourney and for the rest of the spring season, May ’21.

For those teams that had two colors of socks, we started seeing a lot of questions on game days about what color socks to wear. It also became common for a player or two to wear the wrong color socks to the field and have to change them. Occasionally, a player would not have the right color and would wear the “wrong” color socks in the game, which doesn’t just look disorganized, it’s actually a violation of the Laws of the Game requirement that all players wear the same color jersey, shorts, and socks (except the GK, which must wear a different color jersey and can wear different colored socks as well).

For Fall ’21, we are giving every player navy socks and orange socks. We think the simplest way to ensure all players wear the same color, without a lot of questioning needed, is to simply wear orange socks on Sundays. A couple easy ways to remember that: 1) the sun is orange; 2) the Cincinnati Bengals wear orange, and they play on Sundays.

There’s been some debate among coaches about which jersey looks better with orange socks. Some think they look better with the white jersey while others think they should be worn only with the navy jerseys. It seems to come down to personal preference.

Exception: if not everyone has both color socks for whatever reason, teams should pick a sock color for the season (either navy or orange) and exclusively wear that color.