Cincy SC reimburses coaches for several types of expenses related to coaching for the club, including:

  • Coaching certifications
  • Travel to tournaments or out-of-town games
  • Other pre-approved expenses

The process for being reimbursed for these approved expenses is as follows:

  1. Register for the course/book travel
  2. Successfully complete the course/tourney/game
  3. Create a new copy of the Cincy SC expense report, fill it out, and submit it, along with receipts, for approval and reimbursement. Please submit the report within one month of completion of the event.

A few notes:

  • Be cost-conscious on trips. Coaches are expected to carpool and share rooms when possible.
  • If your personal financial situation does not afford you the ability to pay and then get reimbursed, please let one of our directors know and we can make arrangements to provide an advance or reserve your room using the club credit card, etc.
  • Refer to specific expense reimbursement policies listed in a separate tab in the expense report spreadsheet.