Transferring in to Cincy SC

If a player wants to play for Cincy SC and has already been registered with another club during the seasonal year (i.e., played in the fall for a different club), we need to complete a transfer request to get the player rostered and carded with Cincy SC. Here are the steps:

  1. The parent completes the top half of this form: OSA Player Transfer Form
  2. The parent emails the transfer form to their former coach or club director to request 3 things:
    1. The completed transfer form, signed by the coach or club director
    2. A picture of the old player card, cut in half
    3. The removal of the player from the old team in Demosphere (old club/team logs in to the club side of Demosphere, navigates to the Registration Management for that team, and drags the player off the team “un-placing the player”)
  3. The parent emails the completed and signed transfer form and the picture of the cut player card to
  4. Cincy SC adds the player to the new team roster in Demosphere and shares the provided documentation to the league when requesting the new Cincy SC player card and roster update.

Please start this process early to avoid delays in carding the player with Cincy SC.