We looked at several options for managing our Small Groups based on our system requirements (avoid double-booking, contract tracing, communication, etc.) and Sign Up Genius emerged as the winner. Here are a couple tips on using it:

Tip #1: Create an account. That will allow you to list and “alternate name” (player name) on your sign up.

Tip #2: Self-service. Whether your need to edit, move, or cancel a sign up, you can do it yourself. Use the link in the confirmation email you received, or start is here.

Tip #3: Save this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/tabs/3377fdb01a2c8ebc53-cincysmall

To keep the length of the sign ups manageable, we’ll limit how many days and time slots they have. This is a tabbed view of all Cincy SC sign ups that will allow you to navigate to future sign ups and time slots.