Thank you for being a Team Admin (TA) for Cincy SC. Hopefully the information here gets you off to a good start and also serves as a reference.

Team Admin Email
We’ve created a gmail account for each of our TAs. The email address is in the format cincysc<teamID>, e.g., Ask Brett for the password.

You can log in and use this email account as you would any other email, including adding to your phone, etc. You can also choose to have it just be an account that forwards to your other email account. The reasons why we created this gmail account, and some tips on how to use it are further explained in our TA Handbook.

Team Admin Communication Groups
We have a special GroupMe group and email groups for our TAs. We’ll add you to the GroupMe. The Team Admin email address is already in the email group. These groups allow our TAs to help each other out, and we also use them to communicate information to you.

Training and Questions
We typically schedule one or two TA Orientation virtual meetings before the season starts. If you’d like to attend one of them, let Brett know and he can add you to the invite. We’re also happy to answer any questions or help with any issues that arise.