Cancellation Timing & Communication

It’s difficult to predict the weather and we don’t like to cancel if we think there’s a chance we won’t have to. However, we do make every effort to notify parents and players through GroupMe at least 2 hours before training. If we don’t send a message, it means training is not cancelled (yet).


Outdoor Training

We don’t cancel training lightly — we train in the rain and we don’t complain — but we do cancel in these situations:

  • Lightning in the area or other severe weather
  • Field conditions are dangerous and unplayable

We normally also cancel in these situations:

  • Temperature below freezing (32 degrees) or below 40 with precipitation
  • Field conditions likely to lead to field damage and/or an unproductive session
  • Travel to or from the field is likely to be unsafe (such as freezing rain is predicted to start at the end of the training session)

Indoor Training

We may cancel indoor training in the following circumstances:

  • There is a snow emergency where the facility is located or where the coaches homes are located
  • Travel to or from the indoor facility is likely to be unsafe (such as freezing rain is predicted to start during the training session)
  • There is an issue at the facility (light, heat, water)