After watching the Columbus CREW defend poorly over the weekend, I thought it would tie into our topic this week: Principles of Defending.

U10-14’s: Intro to Defending by Travis Swensgard
Here are some coaching points for defending:
Our club communication for 1st defender “IM IN” & “IM OUT” for covering defender.
Can we add attacking Transitional component i.e score in pugg goal – drive to end line – pass to target. 
  • Defending:

  • Principles of defending requiring leadership qualities – Pressure, Cover, Balance.  Understanding roles and responsibilities

  • Communication and organization

  • Patience

  • ‘Allowing’ the offensive team to play where you want them to play – not where they want to play.  Force them to play into your strength

  • Different defending styles in the different thirds of the field – understanding where you are on the field and where the goal is that you are defending

  • Winning the ball and transitioning to offense

  • Zonal defending, man to man defending