We’re excited to announce a club partnership with Trace. Cincy SC will have 4 camera systems and each team will have a few opportunities to record their games this fall.

Trace Video Header

Trace uses video from multiple cameras to create short, personalized highlight reels for each player, as well as key game moments. It changes video review from “watch this game” to “here’s all the moments where I was involved in the play.” And we think that’s the difference between a novelty item and a tool that will drive Player Development. Setting up the camera equipment, recording and uploading HD video, and getting cameras charged and ready for the next game is no joke though, so we’ve built a process and communication tools to ensure we maximize our investment and get the most benefit out of Trace at Cincy SC.

Trace allows players to “relive the game, moment by moment and gives each player a link to short, personalized videos they can’t wait to watch.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Players each wear a “tracer” on the back of their dominant leg
  • Game recorded with a special camera mounted on a 16’ tripod at midfield
  • Video gets uploaded at home and processed by Trace

We’ve added rosters for each of our fall ’08-’14 teams including:

  • The player – First & Last Name, and a fake email like o@dickson.com for Oliver Dickson. That email address can be changed later to the player’s real email address. It shouldn’t be the parent email because that makes things confusing for parents with multiple players. The player name is only visible to you and people you share it with.
  • The parent – First & Last Name, and your real email address. You should have received an email that said [ACTION REQUIRED] … confirm to receive (player’s) game results. Click the Confirm button, enter your phone number. For some parents, your name may be your child’s name, but you can change it. You’ll get notified when a game is ready.

We’ve recorded games for 12 teams so far:

We’d like to get a game recorded for each team by Aug. 31. Our goal is for each team to have at least one game recorded each month.

We need help to make this work:

It’s not realistic for the coach or TA to try to manage the pregame setup process in addition to their other responsibilities. We need a Video Coordinator (VC) for each team who would be responsible for:

  • Bringing the tracers, camera, & tripod to the game
  • Starting the process using the Trace Teams app
  • Passing out tracers and setting up the camera to record
  • Breaking down the system and either handing it off to the next reservation or taking it home to upload footage and recharge
  • We have a reservation sheet and a GroupMe group for VCs to facilitate the process