We launched Trace at Cincy SC on 8/13/22 with 4 camera systems to be shared across 38 teams. It’s been a great first month!

Trace Video Header

Some Stats as of 9/11/22:

  • We’ve Traced 67 games, 1.8 per team
  • We Traced games for 12 teams in the first 2 weeks, 26 teams in 3 weeks, and 36 of 38 teams in the first month! Of the two that didn’t, one had their game canceled due to thunderstorms and the other has been using Veo for the past year and is sticking with that this year
  • We’re doing a good job sharing! Most teams have had 2 games traced, and only 1 has had 4 (and 3 of those games were on Labor Day weekend when most teams were off).
  • We captured some great goals, defensive breakdowns that are coachable moments, an opposing team parent running onto the field to confront a referee, one or two questionable referee decisions, and lots of learning opportunities for our players’ (and coaches’!) development.
  • We have volunteer Video Coordinators for 32 of 38 teams (many teams with a backup), an efficient handoff process and scheduling worksheet, and a GroupMe group for Video Coordinators.
  • Despite many teams being off for Labor Day, we managed to Trace nearly 20 games that weekend.

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received:

  • “Loved that he was able to see what he looks like on the field versus what he thinks he looks like. Gave us great talking points as we are all always working on improving.”
  • “The individual metrics and heat map are great to show my player opportunities to develop.”
  • “We enjoyed the different options to view play as well as the individual player info. My daughter has watched it several times already.”
  • “He could see so much of how he moves on the field. He really liked reviewing why he missed a shot or what opportunity he missed. The film really helped him dissect his game.  The shots he made were just fun to watch! Very helpful to a player who breathes this game!”

We have a few education sessions coming up that will be led by experts from Trace: