Cincy SC, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, has built a powerful brand equity of Excellent organization and communications, top-notch coaching and Player development, Integrity, and Community. Our club, and the tournaments we host, are some of the most highly-regarded in the region. Cincy SC, with a Net Promoter Score of 64.2, grew by 151 players in 2019 (48% growth) and The EPIC Cup grew by 101 teams in 2019 (54%). 

We think we can add value to local brands that share our EPIC core values of Excellence, Player (personal) development, Integrity, and Community.

Cincy SC players listen to their coach instructions.

Cincy SC players love their 2018-20 jerseys with Keystone on one sleeve and the American flag on the other.

Each year we purchase one new jersey for every player. That jersey becomes the “home” jersey for that fall and spring. The following fall and spring it becomes the “away” jersey, and after that they are collected and donated.

Cincy SC '06 boys in their navy jerseys.

Cincy SC ’06 boys in their navy jerseys. Even parents and players on other teams tell us our uniforms are sweet!


Cincy SC 2019-21 Navy Jersey with Buffalo Wings & Rings, Oakley Home Improvement, and Wellington Orthopedic sponsors.

Cincy SC 2019-21 Navy Jersey with Buffalo Wings & Rings, Oakley Home Improvement, Wellington Orthopedic, and USA as sponsors.

50% of the cost of the sponsorship goes to offset uniform costs that are paid by the Club. The other 50% are earmarked for our Scholarship Fund that helps players that want to be a part of Cincy SC but whose families need a little help financially.

We expect to have about 500 players and 36 teams in 2020-22. Over the two-year club life span for the jerseys, that is around 40,000 appearances in games, and a lot more overall because kids love to wear their Cincy SC jerseys everywhere,. Potential sponsor logo spots include both sleeves and the back under the number.

If your brand or business would like to claim a spot, please reach out to Brett or Russell to start the conversation.

Cincy SC Promotion Opportunities

  • Jersey, one sleeve, ~2.5″ x 2″ – $3,200*

  • Back, below numbers, ~4″ x 3″- $3,800*

Jersey with ACME as sleeve sponsor.

Players (and roadrunners) are hoping your brand will help sponsor for our jerseys and scholarship fund.

* Sponsor logos are part of the sublimated jersey design, which means they are dyed into the jersey rather than being screen printed or heat transferred on. The cost of the sublimation is included in the sponsorship.