We’ve worked extensively on our techniques for shooting and the stepover-hook turn. I see 8 things in this picture that are part of good shooting form. How many can you identify?

Skill is what separates a Cincy SC player from a rec player, and we define skill as “technique under pressure.” Learning the right technique and then repeating it will make you a better skilled player. Repeating the wrong technique will just make it harder to learn the right way. Take the time to learn the right technique and then repeat it until it’s second nature.

Technical keys to the stepover-hook turn:

1) Fake like you are shooting or taking a big touch forward, stepping over the ball from the outside-in*

2) Plant that foot, take a quick step forward with your other foot, and get low

3) Burst in the opposite direction, pushing the ball with the outside of the foot you used in your fake

*don’t fake so hard that you are too off balance to complete the move!

I like the way this kid does it, but I think he could get a little lower on his turn to get away faster.