The shop hours for the Cincy SC Club Shop at The Futsal Factory are listed on the Club Calendar. During these times you can pick up completed orders, browse our selection of club gear, and try on items. If you find something you like, you can buy it online and take it home with you.

For Fall 2021, the times are generally:

  • Mondays – 3:00-6:45pm
  • Fridays – 5:15-6:15pm
  • Please check the club calendar to confirm.

Directions to The Futsal Factory

The Futsal Factory is located at 8485 Broadwell Rd., Newtown, OH 45244 in the same building as Gymnastics Central and Fast Track Auctions. After you turn into the parking lot, take the first left to drive around to the East side of the building. Look for the black door with the ninja mask and the Cincy SC and PIVO logos above it. Once you enter, go up the flight of stairs and down the hallway to get to the Cincy SC Club Shop.