Cincy SC Fan Wear

Look great and show you club pride with a cool item from our official Cincy SC fan wear shop!

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In order to process orders efficiently and keep costs down, our fan wear store is only open a few times per year. Please place your order online by midnight on the “Last Day to Order” and we promise items will ship by the “Ship Date” shown below.

Shop Season Last Day to Order Ship Date Pick Up*
Start of Spring Sun. March 10 March 21 TBD
After Tryouts Mon. June 10 June 21 June 23 at SNP
Start of Fall Sun. July 28 August 8 Aug. 9 at Footie Golf
Holiday Sun. December 1 December 12 Dec. 14-19 at PIVO

*Delivery times vary. One delivery option will be to pick up at a club-designated location.

This is a sample of some of the items available in our fan wear shop:

Fan wear collage

View Cincy SC’s Fan Wear Shop

If you’re looking for a replacement jersey, warm ups, or a backpack, those items can be found at our Cincy SC Uniform Shop.